Indiana Jones 4 Messenger Skin

Indiana Jones 4 Messenger Skin 1.0.0

Feel like you’re part of the new Indiana Jones' adventure


  • Nice graphics, resolution and details


  • Only works on MSN messenger 8.5 with Plus! 4.6 installed

Very good

IMPORTANT: Microsoft is replacing Windows Live Messenger with Skype. All your contacts will be moved automatically. Take a look at The Complete Guide to Moving from Messenger to Skype for more information, alternatives and tips.

Bring the mystery of Indiana Jones’ new adventure, the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, to your MSN messenger. This theme is based on the new film release and only works on Windows Live Messenger 8.5 (it also requires Messenger Plus! Live 4.60).

Strangely enough, when I tried to install the Plus! Add-on - required to add themes on messenger - the application asked me if I wanted to install advertisements on the messenger. Although it is stated as not being compulsory, and let me choose if I wanted them or not, the add-on didn’t work until I had them installed.

Looking at the theme itself, the graphics and resolution are very good and the main frame, where you have all your contacts, is transformed into a kind of temple entrance with Maya or Aztec style ornaments and of course the frightening gold skull which hides secrets and mysterious Soviet plots. In terms of usability though there are some downsides. With this setting in fact it will be more difficult to understand which contacts are online, and which are not.

Whether you like the adventures of Indiana Jones or, why not, just like archaeology, try this theme for Messenger and feel like you’re part of the latest adventure.

Famed archaeologist/adventurer Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones is called back into action when he becomes entangled in a Soviet plot to uncover the secret behind mysterious artifacts known as the Crystal Skulls. Indiana Jones is back in a new globe-trotting adventure that will be sure to please fans and those new to the Indiana Jones series.

This skin will totally transform Windows Live Messenger into a unique design which suits the world of Indiana Jones. Featuring an ancient style, this skin will make sure you never look at Windows Live Messenger the same again. Comes with several advanced user settings to make your experience on Messenger more unique.

For Windows Live Messenger 8.5 only.
Requires Messenger Plus! Live 4.60 to use.

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Indiana Jones 4 Messenger Skin


Indiana Jones 4 Messenger Skin 1.0.0

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